Common Questions

What is LifeCircles PACE®?

Who can join LifeCircles PACE?

What is considered community living?

What if someone is in a Nursing Home?

What services does LifeCircles PACE provide?

What is the cost for LifeCircles PACE?

How does someone get to LifeCircles PACE?

What is the LifeCircles PACE Day Center?

Is a doctor’s referral needed to be considered for LifeCircles PACE?

Is a change of primary care doctor necessary?

Who are the medical providers at LifeCircles PACE?

What if a specialist is needed?

Once enrolled, how long does someone remain in LifeCircles PACE?

What happens if someone wants to leave the LifeCircles PACE program?

How does someone get more information about LifeCircles PACE?

Do you have an Adult Day Center only option?

LifeCircles PACE does not discriminate in the delivery of services based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, mental or physical disabilities or source of payment.