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You are the most important person in our care team. We take time to understand what is important to you. Our geriatric experts then provide individualized solutions based on your goals and wishes. ​​


All-Inclusive Care

At LifeCircles PACE, all-inclusive really means all-inclusive. We offer everything you need to support your independence at home, from medical equipment to home care and transportation and beyond. Click to learn more about our services. ​​

Who We Are

Peace Of Mind For Caregivers

We offer partnership, solutions and support to those providing care to the seniors in our program.

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Offering an alternative to nursing home care since 2009

Am I Eligible?

Individuals who are 55 years of age and older and live in our service area may be able to participate. Take our eligibility questionnaire to find out more.

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    My mother and I are beyond blessed to have LifeCircles in our lives, providing comfort, care and knowledge.

    Michelle S.Daughter of LifeCircles PACE Participant

    It's just been a great experience overall. I love being a participant in the LifeCircles program. If there weren't so many perks to the program, I'd be plotting my way to get back to family who live out of state. I don’t know why it took so long for a program like this to exist.

    Maggie W.LifeCircles PACE Participant

    Everyone has been really good to me. At first I thought, 'this isn't for me', but I've made friends and have a ball at the center. I think I've got it bad, but then I get there and start looking out for others. It takes my mind off of my own worries. I love teasing people and making them laugh. I think of going into LifeCircles like my new work. It's my job to go in and make someone's day.

    Linnea I.LifeCircles PACE participant

    The perfect solution to our medical and care needs!

    Deborah T.Wife of a LifeCircles PACE participant

    The last years of my mother’s life she was blessed by the loving care and support of the staff. They are like family to me!

    Ellen B.Daughter of a former LifeCircles PACE participant

    I love the staff and I couldn’t have picked a better place for my mother. Thank you so much.

    Dorothea J.Daughter of LifeCircles PACE participant

    The LifeCircles PACE program has been a real game changer in the care of my father. He is receiving a better level of care than he has ever had. The PACE team was fantastic throughout the enrollment process. What a relief! They have created an excellent care plan for my father that gives him the ability to continue to live at home as well as provide ways for him to get out and socialize as well. I would recommend the PACE program to anyone.

    Timothy B.Son of a LifeCircles PACE participant

    A friend introduced me to LifeCircles PACE in Holland when I shared concerns with her about my Mother. Mom was reluctant at first, fearing it was a nursing home. When she realized it was not, she agreed to give it a try. She was struggling to understand Medicaid and feeling very discouraged when her insurance company was changing coverage for her Insulin. So, she figured "what do I have to lose?" She was skeptical about the quality and level of care she would receive at LifeCircles PACE. She has been blown away with the care and attention she receives. The staff is so loving and patient. Her needs are being met - way more than she ever imagined!!! As her daughter and patient advocate, the staff is very good at communication with me. Most importantly, my Mom has found a place where she can connect with other members of LifeCircles, giving her much needed social interaction and she has peace of mind that her medical needs will be met. She has truly embraced this program and we highly recommend checking it out. I am so glad we did!!!

    Christine D.Daughter of a LifeCircles PACE participant


    Last Updated on January 8, 2021

    Am I Eligible?

    Participants who are 55 years of age and older and live in our service area may be able to participate. Take our eligibility questionnaire to find out more.
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