General Questions – LifeCircles PACE
PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) is a nationwide healthcare program combining medical and social supports. The PACE philosophy is centered on the belief that it is better for seniors with long-term care needs and their families to be served in the community whenever possible.
A person qualifies if he/she is:
  • Be age 55 or older
  • Live in anywhere in Muskegon County and portions of Ottawa and Allegan Counties
  • Meet the State of Michigan's Nursing Home Level of Care Criteria
  • Be able to live safely in their home with community and LifeCircles PACE supports
Simply call us at (616) 347-3477 and we’re happy to complete a free assessment to determine eligibility for LifeCircles PACE. Schedule a tour and let us demonstrate how PACE has created a different and better kind of care for seniors.
No. No one lives at the LifeCircles PACE centers. LifeCircles exists to help seniors remain living in their own homes and/or with family members.
We work with community partners and may be able to help someone who is permanently living in a nursing facility transition back to living in a home setting, with support, if that is what the individual wishes, and it is safe to do so.
LifeCircles PACE offers a personalized approach to aging well in your home. We customize a complete package of healthcare and social supports to help seniors living right where you prefer – in your home. We offer you a friendly team of senior care experts to offer you all the medically necessary services that Medicare and Medicaid covers. Our program provides you with primary health care in our clinics and in your home. We can offer you medical transportation, interesting and fun activities in our senior day centers, rehab therapies, medical equipment, memory care, physical help in your home, vision, dental & hearing care, caregiver support and so much more.”
The program is funded by Medicare, Medicaid and/or private funds. For those who qualify for Medicaid, LifeCircles PACE costs nothing (no copays, deductibles, spend-downs, or donut holes). We encourage anyone to call us to discuss Medicaid eligibility, as we find that many people don’t know they qualify for assistance. Individuals are not required to have Medicare and Medicaid for enrollment. Please contact us to discuss all of your options.
LifeCircles PACE provides transportation to and from the Day Center and all medical appointments as approved by the Interdisciplinary Team. All transportation is wheelchair accessible.
The Day Center provides many opportunities in one place. We restore community and social interaction through fun activities and outings. Located within the day center is a medical clinic, therapy gym, specialized memory care, dining room, and more. The Center is open Monday through Friday. Day center attendance is based upon individual and care partner needs.
No, a referral is not needed to begin the assessment process. Anyone can start the process by calling us at (616) 347-3477 or filing out this form.
The Medical Director of LifeCircles PACE is Dr. Iris Boettcher, who is Board Certified in Geriatric Medicine, Hospice Care and Palliative Medicine. Our Primary Care Providers include Daniel Caldwell, PA-C, Tom Langton, PA, and Dr. Cheryl Fowler, DNP, RN, Betsy Mulder, ANP, and Shuana Wishka, PA-C. Dr. Allison Ilem is our Director of Behavioral Health.
When services from a specialist are needed, LifeCircles will schedule and coordinate the appointment with one of our contracted medical specialists. LifeCircles must approve the referral. We contract with many specialists in the area.
LifeCircles PACE is meant to be a life-long program, as long as one continues to meet PACE program eligibility requirements. We are committed to work with participants and their families to maintain and improve health status. We seek to understand what is important to the participant and are there to support them through changing health needs, and even palliative end of life care when the time comes.
Participants may dis-enroll from LifeCircles PACE for any reason. We will assist him/her in restarting benefits in traditional Medicare and Medicaid programs, Medicare Part D, help find another Primary Care Physician, provide medications for 30 days, and make other service referrals as needed.
Call LifeCircles PACE and speak with an Enrollment Counselor at (616) 347-3477, OR complete this referral form, OR email
When you enroll in LifeCircles PACE program, you keep all the benefits offered by Medicare and/Medicaid and become eligible for additional benefits offered by the LifeCircles team to keep you aging in your home for as long as possible.
Even if you’ve been denied Medicaid in the past, you still may be eligible for the unique type of Medicaid that covers PACE programs. There are many different types of Medicaid in Michigan. The type of Medicaid that fully covers PACE services is known as Long Term Care Medicaid. Long Term Care Medicaid has significantly higher income guidelines than the other types of Medicaid and has different eligibility requirements. In 2022 an individual could have up to $2,523 a month in gross income and be eligible for Long Term Care Medicaid. Our skilled enrollment team is happy to explain the eligibility requirements for this type of Medicaid and will help you complete the paperwork if you are eligible. Call our Enrollment Team at (616) 347-3477 to find out if you might be eligible for Long Term Care Medicaid.
Yes, in most cases a someone with a “spenddown” or “deductible” case of Medicaid will be financially eligible for full coverage of the PACE program through Long Term Care Medicaid. If eligible and you join PACE, you would no longer have any deductible or spenddown tied to your Medicaid coverage. Please call our Enrollment Team at (616) 347-3477 to discuss your situation.

Last Updated on January 6, 2021