Improve your heart's health

February is American Heart Month. Did you know that no matter your age there are simple things you can do TODAY to help improve your heart’s health?

  • Move more – even the most inactive couch potato can do chair exercises during commercial breaks.
  • Eat for your heart – eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, eat less fatty, salty and fried foods
  • Reduce your stress – make time to do things that you find relaxing, like listening to soft jazz if that’s your thing.
  • Get regular checkups – do see your family doctor for regular visits and talk with them about health changes you are noticing

Our innovative team of health professionals at LifeCircles PACE works hard every day to help all of our participants live their best lives. Participants with complex health or memory issues make improvements in their health and independence at our day health centers in Holland and Muskegon, Michigan. To learn more about the all-inclusive services that range from medical transportation, personal care at home to customized health care please call us at 231-733-8655 if you or your loved one live in Muskegon or Northern Ottawa County. If you live in Mid or Southern Ottawa County or Western Allegan County please call 616-582-3114 to speak with a social worker to find out if LifeCircles can help you age in the home you love and possibly avoid moving into a nursing home.Last Updated on August 24, 2020