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Honoring Brain Change: Preparing for Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

On a Saturday in October, 50 teams gathered together at Hackley Park in Muskegon, MI to bring awareness to something so many are impacted by: brain change. The Walk to End Alzheimer’s was a display of community support, dedication, and care. Our team at LifeCircles PACE was among the crowd walking to fight for a different future. Whether it be the lives of our participants, their families, or our own loved ones, we stand to advocate for more time and more joy for those living with brain change.

As we welcome the month of November, Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, the LifeCircles team continues to advocate for people with brain change and share tips and education to enhance the skills of those caring for others.

The Alzheimer’s Walk

During the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, our team was 42 members strong. Not only was the support seen within our group numbers, but it was prevalent through the amount raised for the cause. The LifeCircles team hosted bake sales, car washes and competitions to raise over $4,000 for the Michigan Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. The Muskegon walk exceeded the fundraising goal of $70,000! Thank you to the fundraisers and donors to this important organization. Our broader Muskegon community is a bright spot, for so many reasons!

Of course, humans weren’t the only supporters. LifeCircles sponsored a “Barking Lot” and encouraged furry friends and their owners to stop by for custom bandanas, treats, and water for their efforts.

The LifeCircles Difference

Our team and care partners take pride in walking beside (pun intended) members of our program who live with brain changing conditions. During Alzheimer’s Awareness month we’ll continue to honor the lived experiences of our members, and their care partners. As we do all year, we’ll celebrate the joys and victories of PACE participants, and we’ll continue to bring a Positive Approach to Care (PAC)® to the lakeshore. LifeCircles’ PAC Program collaborates with researchers to offer training and support for those with brain change, loved ones, and care partners. In our most recent blog, we described what sets the PAC Program apart:

  • The program is backed by the most recent data and research.
  • PAC exemplifies the joy in the journey, reducing the stigma that comes along with brain change.
  • Services available through PAC include dementia training courses, webinars, certifications, and other events.
  • Skills learned through PAC assist those living with brain change to feel more comfortable, understood, and empowered.

How can you learn from The Positive Approach to Care? Understanding respect and empathy goes a long way. Start by educating yourself on what living with a brain changing condition may be like. If you are close to someone living with dementia, consider asking them about their experiences and preferences. Think about how you show up in the world and engage with others. Brain change isn’t always obvious, but treating others with respect and kindness is a way to make life a little better for everyone.  

The Month Ahead

Alzheimer’s Awareness Month is not just a commemoration—It’s a call to action. It represents a pivotal time when we amplify our efforts to educate the public about Alzheimer’s, a disease that affects millions worldwide. This month is dedicated to debunking myths, educating, celebrating how far we’ve come, and appreciating how far we’ve yet to go.

Alzheimer’s Awareness Month is not merely a date on our calendars. It’s a significant event that brings our community together in a collective effort to understand and combat brain change. Our participation in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s is one of many ways our team shows up for West Michigan. Brain changing conditions impact many in our community. You, your neighbor, your friend, or a family member may live with Alzheimer’s or could be caring for someone close to them. Our team wants you to know that while dementia is progressive, please don’t forget that there are still great memories to be made, and life to be lived throughout the journey.

Last Updated on November 1, 2023