30 Meaningful Moments – Ideas for creating joy with those living with dementia

  Have you run out of ideas of things to do with your loved one living with dementia? Below is a quick list of ideas to refuel your creativity.  Remember that you should match activities with someone’s abilities so that they can feel successful. It should be just right – not too hard, not too easy. Not all activities are appropriate for every stage of dementia or every unique individual. The activities listed below can be adjusted in difficulty or…

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What’s that Smell? – New research in detecting memory changes

The big D word can be scary. DEMENTIA. Dementia is an umbrella term that covers many different diseases and conditions, which impact the way the brain functions. There are many different types of dementias – some professionals estimate that 80-90 different types exist. The most commonly known type of dementia is Alzheimer ’s disease. Researchers are working hard to look for tools that help people live better lives with dementias, and ultimately for cures. For many, the earlier dementia is…

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LifeCircles Holland Center Welcomes Participants

LifeCirlcles-PACE of Holland, MI welcomes our first participants!  We are excited to be serving our aging community in portions of Ottawa & Allegan Counties where we provide  supports to assist our seniors to continue to live within their community.   Welcome to the PACE Program, Participants!

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LifeCircles-PACE of Holland/Allegan begins Enrollment of New Participants

After months of construction and renovation the excitement of opening a new PACE Center in Holland is finally here!  LifeCircles-PACE is open for enrollment to the senior population that reside in portions of Ottawa and Allegan Counties and who meet the PACE enrollment criteria.  The supports and services that PACE  provides to seniors and their families can be life changing. We look forward to serving our new territory in Ottawa and Allegan Counties.

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LifeCircles-PACE Grand Opening – Thursday, Dec. 3rd from 4-6p.m.

LifeCircles-PACE  of Holland will be celebrating the Grand Opening of their new facility located at 12330 James Street, Holland, MI  49424 from 4 – 6 p.m. on Thursday, December 3rd, 2015.  The community and public is welcome to join in the celebration.  Please enjoy strolling through our state of the art Center where we will be able to serve up to 175 Participants 55 & older who live in portions of Ottawa and Allegan County, live safely in their community and…

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