Too old for wellness changes this year? Think again. – LifeCircles PACE
Too old for wellness changes this year? Think again.

No matter your age, no matter your health, you too can work on improving your wellness. At LifeCircles PACE we take a team based approach to help our participants work on meeting their unique wellness goals. We know that small changes repeated over and over lead to big improvements. It can be easy to get overwhelmed this time of year by thinking about large long term goals, instead think about what is important to you. What adds quality to your life? What could you do to get more of those things? Are there little steps can you take to toward improved wellness?

Here are examples of small changes that can improve your wellness this year:

Want to make changes to your food habits? Don’t try to revamp everything completely, start small instead. Try adding one new healthy food to your diet each week: Always wondered what Kiwi tastes like? Give it a try. Adding just one new thing can add excitement to your diet, and may increase your interest in healthy fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats. Buying just one of something keeps the impact on your budget low, especially if you don’t like it.

Want to make your health more of a priority this year? See your health care provider regularly. Bring a notepad, and a list of important things you’d like to talk about. Consider talking through your medications with your provider to discuss if you still need all of them. For some reason, we often spend time talking about adding new drugs, but not much time talking about whether or not they are still needed as we age.

Have you always loved home grown vegetables? Consider starting a small window sill garden in your kitchen with a cherry tomato plant or a vining bell pepper plant. Guess what? Eating fresh vegetables is a great healthy choice. Tending to a plant also may have positive impacts on your mental well-being.

Herbs are growing in a kitchen window sill.

Miss socializing? Try an online or telephone group with your peers. We know that the pandemic has been especially challenging for all of us. Consider connecting in other ways. Call up 1 old friend just to say hello. Ask them if you can call again next week for a check in.

Want to read more? Consider large format books or checking out audio books form the library. Maybe change the lightbulbs in your lamps to make reading easier?

Protect yourself from falls. One in three older adults falls each year. Look around your home – can you remove clutter or items that might be easy to trip over? We’re looking at you, extension cords, throw rugs, and stacks of old magazines.

Want to get moving this year? Consider a pedometer for inspiration to walk more. Have a favorite show? Try to walk in place through the first commercial break, next week try to go longer and longer. Pairing exercise with something you enjoy can be motivating.

By taking small steps over and over, you will be able to make big improvements to your wellness. Little changes again and again gain momentum, sort of like a snowball. Rather than focusing on large year long goals, focus on what you can do today. If you miss one day, don’t worry you get another opportunity tomorrow!

Last Updated on January 20, 2022

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